Dynamo Math Assessment and Intervention Programs

Dynamo Math is available in two versions.

  • A school version to support intervention in schools or to be used as an inclusive resource.
  • A home version for parents, tutors and educational psychologists to support children at home or with home schooling.



The home/tutor version:
1 Student Assessment for $39.98 + Tax
1 Student Intervention 1 year subscription for $169.99 + Tax.

The school version:
Starts from $444.03 + Tax for 3 Student Assessments + 3 Student Interventions + 2 Teacher subscriptions for 1 year.
Additional students only @$10.82 + Tax.

Discount for multiple-year subscriptions and volume also available.


Dynamo Maths Assessment – provides a standardised assessment using the researched NumberSenseMMR® framework, to identify symptoms of dyscalculia and maths developmental delays.
The assessments can be used for pupils between ages 6 and 15.
Please note: The assessments are standardised and base lined at ages 6, 7, 8 and 9. For pupils above age 9, the assessment baseline is measured at age 9.

Dynamo Maths Intervention – is packed with focused classroom-based tools and techniques to give your pupils an exciting, inviting and supportive program. The program is structured in small steps to enable catch up.
The intervention program can be used for pupils from ages 5 to adults.
Please note: The current intervention program content when mapped to the curriculum is appropriate for ages 5 to 8 or for adults program from Entry Level 3 to Foundation Level 1.

Puffin Assessment: School Version Home Version
Standardized Assessment x x
SEN Support Tools – Student Profile x x
Observation Notes x x
Standardized Report x x
Individual Support Plan x x
Printable Stakeholder Report x x
Parent Control Panel x
Teacher Control Panel x
Class Comparison Report x
Class/Grade Cohort Admin x
Puffin Intervention School Version Home Version
600+ Online Interactive Activities x x
600+ Lesson Plans x x
600+ Printable Worksheets x x
SEN Support Tools x x
Visual Score Report x x
Intervention / Mastery Report x x
Motivational Certificates  x x
Auto-Personalize x x
Class/Student Homework x
Teacher Control – Class/Students/Additional Teachers x